Friday, January 4, 2008

What are the 4 F’s of Fitness?

What are the 4 F’s of Fitness?
1. It’s gotta be Fun
2. You gotta do it with Friends
3. It’s gotta be eFFortless


Princess of Pork said...

Great idea Fat Barstard!! I'm with 'bout showing us ongoing photos of your pprogress and post ideas you have on how to do it with friends....!

Fit not fat! said...

Thanks for swinging by!
My 'before' photos are scary. My 'during' photos will start appearing soon...
I need some friends to do it with.

Big "D" said...

The Four F's.
I can asure you I say "F" more than 4 times when exercise is involved, but, yes I am having Fun.
I am only on my 4th day of tibetans and taking it real slow (30kgs+ overweight,back&knee problems)but benifits immediate.mobility & flexabilty increasing daily and sleeping like a charm.Knee pain gone and back pain greatly reduced. also making myself eat breakfast which is really hard for me but I can feel my metabolism kicking in, energy increase, body and mind. keep u posted.

Big "D" said...

Might send some photo's when the "afters" are encouraging

Fit not fat! said...

SHit mate!
After 4 days you're feeling different? Wow!
Get ready for a new body...

Bronwyn, said...

Excellent idea, I'd be in that, if it was fun, with friends, & effortless!

The thing is, if you're having fun with friends, it does require so much less effort than if you're doing it alone.