Friday, January 25, 2008

Gluten free girl = check it out!

Wow! Just WOW! Have a trawl through this inspiring blog:-

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! NIce to see others who are into food, but in a healthy natural way. Interestingly this blog is great to include on your blog around fat most products that contain gluten can often contribute to weight gain and other less than desirable stuff. Grains can be eliminated for awhile when getting started on a healthy regime. Just keep up your fibre and other items like morocan spiced lentils (YUM!)lots of different combinations of salads, like the gluten free girl suggests. Variety gives you a wide sleection of nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals. And your taste buds will thank you for it. When we live stressed out fast paced lives, our digestion gets interfered with. And our habits become robotic, and our joy factor goes way down. One way is to start taking back control of your eating, its your mouth and taste buds, so stop the abuse of the likes of FAST food outlets assaulting your lifestyle, and go try some raw energy, different cuisines, you may discover there's a whole new world out there. Better still start growing cherry tomotoes in a deep pot on a balacony with some parsley and herbs. There is nothing like popping out back to pick your dinner 5 minutes before it goes into your mouth. Its almost orgasmic. And it brings real close the reality of 'we are what we eat'. I shudder to think of whose dirty greedy hands my grocery vegetables pass through before it gets to my dinner plate. Much prefer it handled by those I love. Have fun experimenting, and keep going if you hit a bad turnip, there's plenty more roots beckoning. Be brave.